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What you should know about AF Form 1466

  1. AF Form 1466 is subject to the Privacy Act of 1974.
  2. The principal purpose of AF Form 1466 is to evaluate and document medical and educational needs.
  3. Failure to provide accurate information on AF Form 1466 may result in administrative sanctions.

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How to prepare AF Form 1466

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About Af Form 1466

AF Form 1466 is a document known as an Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Quarters (BAQ) or Dependency Redetermination. It is primarily used by military personnel in the United States Air Force who are eligible for housing allowances and have a change in their living situation or dependent status. This form is required when a service member needs to make adjustments to their BAQ entitlements due to various reasons such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, custody changes, or changes in living arrangements. It allows the member to request an increase or decrease in their housing allowance based on their new circumstances. To initiate the process, the service member must complete all sections and obtain the necessary supporting documentation, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, birth certificates, or court orders. The completed AF Form 1466 is then submitted to the appropriate finance office for review and processing. It is important for service members to accurately complete and submit this form in a timely manner to ensure their housing allowance accurately reflects their current situation. This helps ensure fair and appropriate compensation for their living expenses based on their current family or dependent circumstances.

People also ask about AF Form 1466

What is the purpose of AF Form 1466?
AF Form 1466 is used to evaluate and document the medical and educational needs of family members for travel clearance.
Who is required to fill out AF Form 1466?
Military personnel are mandatory to fill out AF Form 1466. Failure to provide accurate information may result in administrative sanctions.
How is AF Form 1466 different from DD Form 2005?
AF Form 1466 focuses on medical and education clearance for travel, while DD Form 2005 is a request for family member's medical and education clearance specifically.

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Avoid information damage by e-filing

It might frequently occur that the Af Form 1466 mailed by post doesn't get to the receiver and gets lost. It sometimes takes up to several months to reveal the damage and resubmit the blank. Ok, if the data loss results in time loss. But what if there is a due date for submission plus it was violated. The submitter could possibly be subjected to charges. In this instance, on-line record submitting is a lot more protected. You fill in the template, click the send option and it instantly gets to the recipient and prevents all the unneeded dangers.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing AF Form 1466

Instructions and Help about AF Form 1466

Hello my name is tammy nelson i've been leading the transformation of the efmp program today i'm coming to you to talk about our new family member travel screening process and system we've been telling you for some time that we had this coming it's going to be paperwork online and a much more refined system today we go live great news i think i think it's going to really help our families get through our processes a little bit more hopefully more quickly and more streamlined let me tell you what that means anyone that receives a new assignment goes through the family member travel screening process if they have dependents so it affects all airmen and guardians we talk about the efmp side a lot because there's a little more work for efmp but this process truly affects everyone with dependents that receives a new pcs assignment once you receive an assignment if that assignment is eight months or less out your member will receive a notification to log in to myvector to begin the process even if they don't get the email they can log into my vector and they'll see a green box on the right side of the screen that says click here to begin the family member travel screening process it's a very quick screener it only takes a few minutes if additional information is needed in the past you've had to log into a different system that's not what's going to happen going forward you'll just automatically be in the new system for additional information member begins that process but should the members say you know what i'd rather have my spouse fill out the paperwork for the dependents here they now have that option so anyone over 18 has to fill out...